A Walk Through Historic Downtown

Downtown Athens is a place of constant change. With new restaurants and boutiques at every corner, Athens can seem unrecognizable compared to its former self.

Anchoring the town to its past are the historic buildings downtown. The amalgamation of buildings dating back to the early nineteenth century give Athens much of its personality and unique appearance.

Many of the buildings are showing their wear after a hundred or so years. With a new program in place by the Athens Downtown Development Authority, the historic buildings owners are able to receive up to $10,000 to put towards renovating the facade.

To learn more about the historic buildings of downtown Athens, I took a walk with former University of Georgia Campus Architect, Danny Sniff. Sniff, who has a masters in historic preservation, spoke about specific building’s histories, popular architectural designs in Athens and how new facade projects were being handled.

The order of images in this gallery mimic the route Sniff and I walked. The captions provide context to our location, but more importantly the remarks made by Sniff about the building. Click on the first image to read the caption, and continue through the gallery by clicking the right arrow.

To learn more about downtown Athen’s historic buildings, check out the following links.







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