Sources for Rolling Stone Article

An article from the Van Natta list that I really enjoyed was Rolling Stone’s piece on Leonardo Dicaprio and his fight for environmental sustainability. I think that a large population of people don’t know how passionate and involved DiCaprio is with global eco-issues and only see him for his acting talent, so I thought it was a really interesting read. Oh, and I shamelessly love him.

Of the sources, the most important was no shocker DiCaprio himself. Would an interview with an oscar-nominated star be difficult to land? Possibly. However with a name like Rolling Stone and their choice to write about his interest in sustainability, something he tries to heavily promote, I wouldn’t call this source a challenging interview. His immense passion is apparent as he talks about his all consuming fear for the earth after years of waste and pollution.

DiCaprio wasn’t the only big name in Hollywood that writer, Stephen Rodrick, interviewed for this article. He also spoke to film icon Martin Scorsese who has worked with DiCaprio for years, and actor Mark Ruffalo because of his involvement with the eco-group, the Solutions Project, which DiCaprio is also a member of. Both commented on DiCaprio’s dedication to the fight.

In the height of popularity for DiCaprio’s latest movie, Revenant, it was quite important for Rodrick to speak with director Alejandro G. Iñárritu about his leading man. Iñárritu had a really interesting perspective on DiCaprio after shooting the film in the wilderness of Alberta, Canada. In the time of their filming, Alberta experienced some of its warmest winter days in history. Iñárritu saw the effect this had on DiCaprio, and said the emotion of it all is paralleled in his acting.

While Rodrick didn’t speak with Al Gore directly, he did use quotes from a meeting with then-Vice President and DiCaprio in 1998, which kickstarted DiCaprio’s passion and action for saving the earth.

Actor and documentary producer, Fisher Stevens, is currently working on a piece with DiCaprio. This is the first source that is mainly centered around DiCaprio’s fight for sustainability. As Stevens travels to different locations of environmental doom, he sees DiCaprio firsthand wallowing the hopelessness of our planet.

Rodrick was able to tag along with Stevens and DiCaprio when they spoke with Miami Mayor Philip Levine. They speak mostly about new developments and rising prices of real estate.

Looking at this article, no one source stands out as a difficult interview. The fact that almost all of the sources are celebrities or popular in the film industry seems like access could be a problem. However, as stated before Rolling Stone interviews celebrities on a daily basis. I am curious who else he talked to and didn’t include seeing how DiCaprio runs in many social circles.

I would say the most important sources are Iñárritu and Stevens for their immediate interaction with DiCaprio in a natural setting. Without these two men, I think that Rodrick would have failed to interview the right people. I am curious why sources from his foundation or the environmental groups he supports were left out.


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